Multilevel Governance systems and their role in policies for balanced urban development

This upcoming Open Days workshop, organised jointly by CoR and AESOP, will elaborate on issues resulting from new governance systems based on the greater empowerment of citizens through participation and partnership. It will also build "Charter for Multilevel Governance (MLG) in Europe". The pertinence of multi-level governance systems will be considered according to the principles of legitimacy, stability and coherence with particular reference to policy formulation and policy delivery.
Issues at stake:
A key issue to be addressed is that of polycentric urban systems and how they relate to governance on different vertical scales. If policy responses are scaled at different vertical levels of governance, including the supranational as well as the sub-national, the question arises of how this affects efforts to promote a more spatially balanced pattern of urban development. Multilevel polycentric governance can help, among other things, to improve resilience and address the challenges of managing external shocks, providing an adaptive and robust framework for the long term sustainability of urban systems.
These interconnected topics also require a reflection on policy tools and instruments. In this context the role of 'strategic foresight' as a tool to deal with long-term prospects and drawing upon views of multiple stakeholders will be addressed as well as innovation in how the public sector responds to emerging trends and processes. In this sense MLG can be seen as a factor contributing to the definition of a balanced development strategy and to an increased recourse to public sector innovation at urban, local and regional level.


Posters illustrating the selected cases illustrating different approaches to MLG will be exhibited in the room. Brief description of the cases will be made available for the participants. 
The workshop will start with short talks-introductions on:
1.Charter for Multilevel Governance (MLG) in Europe
(Luc van den Brande, CoR Member, rapporteur on the CoR White Paper for Multilevel Governance)
2.European Urban and Regional Policy in a multi-level governance context
(Karsten Zimmermann, professor at TU Dortmund)
3.Multilevel polycentric governance shaping resilience and sustainability of urban systems
(Maros Finka, professor at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava)
4.Rescaling policy responses
(Stefanie Dühr, professor Radboud University Nijmegen)
5. Strategic foresights as a tool supporting MLG
(José Miguel Fernandez Güell, professor Technical University of Madrid)
Introductions will be followed by the short interaction (questions and answers, comments) with the audience moderated by Chair, professor Anna Geppert.

The second, more interactive part will start with the critical reflection onselected (poster) cases (delivered by the  Anna Geppert and Luc van den Brande) in order to animate the discussion.
The conclusions drawn by the Chair will emphasize practical lessons from the workshop.

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