Making rights real: a guide for local and regional authorities to implement Fundamental Rights in partnership
The booklet  "Making rights real" is the result of fruitful cooperation between the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights and the Committee of the Regions over recent years towards the practical implementation of fundamental rights at all levels of governance. It aims to provide local and regional officials with a framework for understanding more about fundamental rights and applying them when making decisions and completing their regular tasks and activities.
The booklet is meant to inspire local and regional authorities to be more aware of their key role in protecting fundamental rights when shaping policies and to reinforce their position in the European Union multilevel governance set-up. By sharing useful experience and best practices, it should also encourage them to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills required to promote and safeguard fundamental rights.
Download the booklet: EN - FR - DE - FI - LVSV
For more on MLG and Fundamental Rights, also see the Joining up Fundamental Rights toolkit.
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