The Charter's MLG Pledge
Beyond the first political message contained in the subscription to the Charter principles, Charter signatories are invited to commit themselves to resort to Multilevel Governance instruments and proceedings in their future initiatives, to engage into better cooperation with other levels of governments and/or to initiate joint projects for tackling common challenges, in line with the Charter's principles and proposed lines of action.

To encourage the development of such cooperation projects and to facilitate the circulation of ideas around those initiatives, Charter signatories have the possibility to submit an optional MLG Pledge, listing one or more concrete actions currently foreseen by their organisation, which could be connected to the Charter's principles and commitments.

Submitted Pledges will be published on the Charter website and will be the object of regular exchange and dialogue, providing Charter signatories and other stakeholders with an opportunity to showcase accomplishments for their Multilevel Governance projects.

Pledges should contain concrete commitment and actions. They should not be funding applications or project proposals. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the Pledge.

For instance, pledges could be linked to:
  • the signatory's contribution to the drawing up and implementation of EU policies and strategies;
  • the promotion of policy efficiency, policy coherence and budgetary synergies between levels of governance on a given subject;
  • the development of a transparent, open and inclusive policy making process;
  • the use of innovative instruments fostering participative democracy;
  • the use of digital solutions aimed at promoting dialogue with societal actors;
  • etc.
MLG Pledges can be prepared using the following form and can be sent to the Charter secretariat at:
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