Charter Commitments
The Charter for multilevel governance in Europe invites Charter signatories and all interested stakeholders to promote MLG in their actions, launch joint projects, search for partners, exchange information with the final view to optimise public policies in a context of limited resources and to increase policy delivery.

Through close political and administrative cooperation, Charter signatories are invited to think beyond traditional administrative borders, procedures and hurdles.
  • At a time when the current pressure on public budgets translates into a reduction of LRA investment capacity and a general scarcity of resources, the Charter for Multilevel Governance in Europe invites EU regions and cities to work in partnership with other public authorities, promote budget synergies between all levels of governance and resort to joint policy action in order to obtain better delivery on their policy objectives.
  •  The Charter’s recommendations to strengthen capacity building and to foster a European mindset within their administrations and political bodies both aim at the concerned authorities’ better inclusion in a European, national and regional context, with increased efficiency as a result of this modernisation process.
  •  Similarly, the recommendation to promote the consultation of all relevant public and private stakeholders and to develop the use of participatory democracy instruments throughout the policy-making process should not only contribute to increase democratic accountability in Europe but also raise the policies’ ownership and effectiveness at local and regional level.
  • The development of transnational cooperation and networking facilities connecting political bodies and administrations of regional, national and European levels should allow Charter signatories to find operational solutions in partnership, allowing for the effective coordination and integration of the policy agendas of different levels of government and effectively strengthening policy delivery at regional and local level.
Sharing good practices
In order to support these objectives, the Charter website was designed to encourage the exchange of good practices on the Charter website means will help stakeholders of all governance levels to reach a common understanding of multilevel governance by providing them with concrete examples of how multilevel governance values, principles and processes can translate into operational measures.

Charter signatories are warmly invited to contribute to this effort and to create emulation through the presentation of "model projects" and tangible achievements of this type of governance.
Taking a Pledge
In this spirit, a regular presentation of MLG good practices at CoR level will be organized, offering the possibility for Charter signatories to submit and exchange on the realisation of specific multilevel governance projects announced.

Charter signatories will in this context be able to submit an optional MLG Pledge listing one or more concrete actions envisaged in connection to the Charter's principles and commitments.
Submitted pledges will be published on the Charter website and will be the object of regular dialogue, providing Charter signatories and other stakeholders with an opportunity to showcase accomplishments and acquire more visibility for their Multilevel Governance projects.
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