They support the Charter!

Jean-Claude Junker
President of the European Commission


Corina Creţu
Commissionner for Regional Policy
I would like to commend the Committee of the Regions, on behalf of all Commissioners, for the adoption of the Charter and, on a more general level, for the success already encountered with territorial actors all over the EU.

The Charter for Multilevel Governance provides for a very important role for the Committee of the Regions in pooling the local and regional authorities' ideas and bringing them up at an early stage in the EU decision making process.

The Commission believes the Charter will help the Committee to systematically involve local and regional authorities in shaping, implementing and evaluating EU policies and legislation.
It will further develop the important role the Committee of the Regions has played in fostering the delivery of the objectives at regional and local levels and monitoring the implementation of the EU policies in the Member States.


Valdis Dombrovskis
Vice-President of the European Commission, in charge of the Euro and Social Dialogue




Johannes Hahn
EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy & Enlargement Negotiations






José Manuel Durão Barroso  
Former President of the European Commission

 La commission européenne tient a saluer cette initiative. La gouvernance à multiniveaux constitue en effet un élément important dans la conception et la mise en oeuvre des stratégies et des politiques de l'Union, non seulement parce qu'elle accroît l'expertise et l'expérience, mais également parce qu'elle en renforce l'appropriation par les différents acteurs impliqués.
Je suis intimement persuadé que les progrés dans l'Union européenne ne sont possibles que lorsque les différents acteurs concernés partagent une vision et un objectif communs. Je tiens à vous assurer de la volonté de la Commission de soutenir et relayer les efforts du Comité des régions dans la diffusion de cette Charte.


Herman Van Rompuy 
President of the European Council




Hervig van Staa
President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the council of Europe

 Decision-making is becoming scattered, and top-down decisions are simply no longer acceptable in our European democracy. Multilevel governance offers a participatory answer by providing tools for full participation also to regions, cities, and ultimately, the citizens. This is the only way to achieve our objectives for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, for jobs and a hopeful future. In one word: to deliver better and more for the citizens by making it together






Henri Malosse
President of the Economic and Social Committee 





Joseph Daul
President of the European People's Party

 I strongly believe in the ability of local politicians to make the good decisions. You are closer to people, you know their needs and are the best place to meet most of their concerns. The  EPP wants a Europe that supports further the work done by local authorities, as well as cooperation between regions 






Sergei Stanishev
President of the Party of European Socialists

It's with great pleasure that I will sign the Charter and support its goals. The charter represents a great initiative in our constant efforts to reinforce dialogue and cooperation  between all the levels of government.
In our campaign for Martin Schulz  as PES Common Candidate for an EU that is more transparent, progressive and fair, we consider the principles that you have inscribed in this pledge as fundamental. They are key not only for the good functioning of the European Institutions, but indeed as basic elements of a democratic Europe that is close to its citizens.



 Elmar Brok
Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament

The principles detailed in the Charter very much coincide with the values defended by the Committee on Foreign Affairs, in particular the promotion of citizen participation, the fostering of a European outlook, the partership principle, and a maxiumum protection of fundamental rights.






Maria Carmela Lanzetta,
Minister for Regional Affairs and Local Authorities, Italy

 I commit myself and the whole Italian Government to promoting and supporting the implementation of the Charter for Multilevel Governance in Europe, which was promoted at the Athens Summit. I am convinced that the principles and actions set out in the Charter merit significant attention on the part of central governments and will strongly contribute to the European construction process, a project that our country shall not fail to be involved in.





Angel Gurria
OECD Secretary General


The OECD fully supports the Charter, which recognises the important contribution that municipal and regional authorities can make to European policy making. We are convinced that regions and cities are essential to achieving inclusive and sustainable growth, and that more effective correspond to people's need.







Madlen Serban
Director of the European Training Foundation   



Juan Menéndez-Valdés 
Director of EUROFOUND
It is with great satisfaction that EUROFOUND supports this new Charter for Multilevel Governance in Europe. The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (EUROFOUND) as a decentralised EU Agency, located in Dublin since 1975, is convinced of the positive results that multilevel governance can achieve in organisations, Member States and in the EU. EUROFOUND's own tripartite governance structure, which brings together trade unions, employers' organisations and government representatives from all Member States, is a fine example of the practical application of this Charter. Fostering partnership and cooperation between different governance levels across social partners and governments while researching and sharing best practices, creating networks and building trust is at the core of EUROFOUND's work – and this lies at the core of the Charter too



Danuta Hubner
Chairwomen of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs of the European Parliament



Ramón Luis Valcárcel Siso
Vice President of the European Parliament and former CoR President 

 On Europe Day, two weeks ahead of the European elections, the launch of the signatory campaign on the Charter for Multilevel Governance by the CoR marks the strong will of regional and local authorities all across Europe to become fully-fledged partners in EU policy making. Only by acting together can responsible actors at all levels of governance close the 'delivery gap' ensuring the EU meets its objectives on sustainable growth, quality jobs creation and territorial cohesion.






Iskra Mihaylova
Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Regional Development

All partnership agreements and operational programmes must observe the principle of multilevel governance and partnership through the whole cycle of their preparation and implementation. It is indeed only through a coordinated action between all actors and all the various levels of governments that we will be able to achieve more effectiveness in selecting projects and more ownership in implementing them








Erminia Mazzoni
Member of the European Parliament

Cohesion policy must return back to regions. The charter is a good vademecum  to make sure that the programming and the spending of structural funds, in a bottom-up logic, become a real instrument for an economic, social and territorial cohesion.








Mercedes Bresso
Member of the European Parliament and former President of the Committee of the Regions




Lambert van Nistelrooij
Member of the European Parliament

"Citizens of the European Union relate most to the region and city to which they belong. It is very important that that the EU member states support the multilevel governance approach. We look for further synergies in the pursuit of a smarter and greener Europe, with more people at work".



Julie Ward
Member of the European Parliament




Peter Faross
Secretary General of the european Association of Crafts, Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (UEAPME)
The European Association of Crafts, Small and Medium Sized Enterprise, agrees with the principles of the Charta for Multilevel Governance and supports with its European network of SME organisations the implementation of the multilevel governance. UEAPME underlines the importance of multilevel governance however an effective implementation needs the involvement of all stakeholders at all levels. Therefore, such multilevel governance has to include SME representative organisations to build on their know-how and expertise."
Read UEAPME's official pledge to Charter principles here

Hande Özsan Bozatli
President of the Assembly of European Regions (AER): 

Today more than ever, Regions need to make their voices heard in Europe, and I wish that the Charter could contribute to enhancing their position in the decision-making process"














Allan Päll 
Secretary General - European Youth Forum

Given the current context of declining engagement of young people with traditional political processes, the Committee of the Region’s Charter for Multi-Level Governance – promoting an open, transparent and inclusive policy-making process through increased citizen participation - comes at the exactly right time. And it is in line with what the European Youth Forum stands for: Decision-makers at all levels need to recognise that sustainable democracy depends on the participation of all citizens, especially the younger generation, in democratic decision-making processes, as it is the aim, for example, of the Youth Forum's European Youth Capital project. It is only when government policies – be they at national, regional or local level – reflect young people’s realities, that young people will fully engage with active politics.