What is the Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform?



The Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform (EUROPE 2020MP) is a network of regions and cities, coordinated by the Committee of the Regions.  Its main task is to monitor the involvement of regional and local authorities in the implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

The network, set up in 2010, is an initiative of the Committee of the Regions to make sure that the views of cities, regions and other local authorities are taken into account in the definition of theEuropean Commission's strategy for economic growth and innovation.

Since 2013 the Monitoring Platform has also been analysing, from a territorial perspective, all of the main stages of the European Semester economic governance cycle.

The Monitoring Platforms regularly consults its members, either electronically or by organising events where regional and local authorities can voice their opinions and concerns regarding the Europe 2020 Strategy and the European Semester.



The Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform aims especially to:
  • Involve local and regional authorities in order to ensure better implementation of policies linked to Europe 2020 goals;
  • Examine the evolving relationship between the Europe 2020 strategy and cohesion policy;
  • Encourage a clearer territorial differentiation of European Semester's policy goals and targets, involving all levels of governments (European, national, regional and local);
  • Monitor the involvement of the local and regional level in the European Semester process: especially in the design of the National Reform Programs in each Member State and in the implementation of the Country Specific Recommendations;
  • Follow monitoring activities and identify the obstacles encountered by local and regional authorities in implementing the Europe 2020 strategy and Country Specific Recommendations;
  • Stimulate the exchange of information, experience and best practice.



The EUROPE2020MP membership is drawn from 177 regional and local authorities from the 28 EU member states, who:

  • contribute to shaping the Committee of the Regions' political positions on Europe 2020 and European Semester;
  • cooperate in the Europe 2020 Strategy and European Semester monitoring process;
  • exchange views, experience, best practice and learn from one other;
  • cooperate in Europe 2020-oriented projects ;
  • participate in Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform events (workshops, political conferences).



Steering Committee / Political coordinator

The Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform has a steering committee and a political coordinator. They give direction to the Platform's agenda and report back on its work to the Bureau and other institutions.

The political coordinator of the Platform is Michel DELEBARRE (FR/PES). The four other members of the Steering Committee are: Władysław ORTYL (PL/ECR), Paul LINDQUIST (SE/EPP), Kieran MCCARTHY (IE/EA) and Jean-Luc VANRAES (BE/ALDE).
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