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Europe 2020
The CoR's Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform, a group of over 170 cities and regions from the 28 EU Member states, monitors how Europe 2020 is implemented on the ground, promoting the exchange of good practices.


Survey on regional and local obstacles to investments launched 
The European Committee of the Regions invites local and regional authorities to give their views on what hinders investment on local and regional level.
CoR issues a new study on the 2015 National Reform Programmes 
The Report the Steering Committee of the Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform support the need that local and regional authorities take part in the dialogue between Member States and the European Commission to identify and address obstacles to investment within the context of a multi-level approach
CoR issues a new study on the 2015 National Reform Programmes 
Resolution on the European Commission's Annual Growth Survey 2016
The Resolution highlight how cities and regions can use their knowledge to best assist in the recovery and convergence of the EU's economy.

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