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Europe 2020
The CoR's Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform, a group of over 170 cities and regions from the 28 EU Member states, monitors how Europe 2020 is implemented on the ground, promoting the exchange of good practices.

Territorial analysis of the 2015 Country-Specific recommendations


Territorial analysis of the 2015 Country Reports


Blueprint for a revised Europe 2020 strategy​​


5th CoR Monitoring Report on Europe 2020​​

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Members of the Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform and other local and regional authorities contribute to the CoR's consultative works with their knowledge and expertise through surveys and consultations.

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Become a Member

Any EU local and regional authority can be a member of the EUROPE2020MP. The EUROPE2020MP (former Lisbon Monitoring Platform) is a CoR-managed network of more than 170 local and regional authorities from all EU Member States aiming to:
  • support the consultative activity of the Committee of the Regions on how to design and implement EUROPE2020 in the light of the multilevel governance approach,
  • include the voice of EU local and regional governments in key EU decisions related to sustainable growth and jobs and their implementation,
  • exchange experiences and good practices in all EUROPE2020-related fields.
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CoR Opinions

The Treaties oblige the Commission, Council and the European Parliament to consult the Committee of the Regions whenever new proposals are made in areas that have repercussions at regional or local level. The Maastricht Treaty set out 5 such areas - economic and social cohesion, trans-European infrastructure networks, health, education and culture. The Amsterdam Treaty added another five areas - employment policy, social policy, the environment, vocational training and transport. After the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, all three EU institutions have to consult the Committee of the Regions on several new policy areas, including energy, climate change and "services of general interest" i.e. social, public and infrastructure services.

The work carried out through the CoR's Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform supports and enriches the work of the CoR's Commissions, in their drawing up of Europe 2020-related opinions along the three Europe 2020 priorities.

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Territorial Pacts

A Territorial Pact for Europe 2020 is an agreement between a country’s tiers of government (local, regional, national). Parties signing up to a Territorial Pact commit to coordinate and synchronise their policy agendas in order to focus their actions and financial resources on the Europe 2020 Strategy goals and targets.

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7 Flagship initiatives

Europe has identified new engines to boost growth and jobs. These areas are addressed by 7 flagship initiatives. Within each initiative, both the EU and national authorities have to coordinate their efforts so they are mutually reinforcing. Most of these initiatives have been presented by the Commission in 2010.

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