Youth On The Move

Survey of the EU local and regional authorities on the Europe 2020 "Youth on the Move" Flagship Initiative

Youth on the Move aims at improving young people's education and employability, reducing youth unemployment and increasing the youth employment rate. Over two years after its adoption, the Committee of the Regions will take stock of Youth on the Move in a conference to be held on 13 December 2012 in Brussels.

By participating in this survey, you will:

- ensure that your views are taken into account in the debate at the conference;

- contribute to the fourth CoR Monitoring Report on Europe 2020, to be published in October 2013;

- contribute to CoR consultative activity in this field over the coming months, particularly in relation to President Barroso's announcement in his State of the Union address on 12 September 2012 of a Youth Package establishing a youth guarantee scheme and a quality framework to facilitate vocational training;

- contribute to the mid-term review of Europe 2020 in 2014.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Deadline: 5th November 2012

With a view to the CoR Conference to be held on 13 December 2012, you may wish to submit an example of good practice in the fields covered by Youth on the Move. We are asking local and regional authorities to submit their own case studies and suggestions for good practises, by completing this form and send it to :

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