An Industrial Policy for the Globalisation Era
Survey of the EU local and regional authorities on the Europe 2020 "An Industrial Policy for the Globalisation Era" Flagship Initiative

Almost three years after the launch of Europe 2020, the Committee of the Regions has launched a broad assessment of the Strategy in preparation for its mid-term review, expected in 2014.
As part of this assessment, the replies to this questionnaire on the state of play of the flagship initiative An industrial policy for the globalisation era will be discussed at a conference to be held on 10 April 2013 in Brussels.
This conference will be the third in a series of CoR events and monitoring initiatives on the Europe 2020 Flagship Initiatives, preparing the mid-term review in 2014.

By participating in this survey (DEADLINE: 1st March 2013) you will:
  • ensure that your views are taken into account in the debate held during the conference;
  • contribute to the CoR consultative activity over the coming months, which includes an Opinion drafted by Claude Gewerc, President of the Conseil Régional de Picardie (ESP/F), whose adoption is expected at the CoR Plenary Session on 10-11 April, 2013;
  • contribute to the fourth CoR Monitoring Report on Europe 2020, to be published in October 2013;
  • contribute to the mid-term review of Europe 2020 in 2014.

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Deadline: 1st March 2013

With a view to the CoR Conference to be held on 10 April 2013, you may wish to submit an example of good practice in the fields covered by Agenda for new skills and jobs. We are asking local and regional authorities to submit their own case studies and suggestions for good practises, by completing this form and send it to :

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