What is the Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform?

More than 160 regions and cities networking on growth and jobs and contributing to the EU debate on EUROPE 2020



The EUROPE2020 Monitoring Platform (MP) supports the diffusion of multilevel policymaking for growth and jobs by facilitating the exchange of information and good practices between local and regional policy makers,

The EUROPE2020MP helps the EU and its Member Countries to address challenges and obstacles, mainly by means of monitoring exercises at the territorial levels feeding into the CoR consultative activity. 

In so doing, the EUROPE2020MP contributes to fulfilling the CoR mission "…to involve regional and local authorities in the Europeean decision-making process and thus to encourage greater participation from our fellow citizens." (from the CoR's Mission Statement, 21 April, 2009).

Political coordinator

At its meeting on 7 September 2012 in Nicosia, the Bureau of the Committee of the Regions adopted the CoR's new strategy on Europe 2020, including the way forward on its Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform.
Among others, the Bureau decided to create a Steering Committee of the Platform, including the Political Coordinator and one political representative from each political group. The Steering Committee is tasked with ensuring wide internal ownership of the decisions taken by the Political Coordinator.
In the follow-up of this decision, the Political Coordinator of the platform, Michel DELEBARRE (PES), and the four other members of the Steering Committee, Markku MARKKULA (EPP), Linda GILLHAM (EA), Alin Adrian NICA (ALDE) and Adam Banaszak (ECR) were appointed.
In the new mandate of the European Committee of the Regions (2015-2020), the Steering Committee is composed of Michel DELEBARRE (PES) (who is the Political Coordinator of the Platform),  Władysław ORTYL (ECR), Paul LINDQUIST (EPP), Kieran MCCARTHY (EU) and Andreja POTOČNIK (ALDE).


  1. Website (http://cor.europa.eu/europe2020), as the EUROPE2020MP's main information and exchange tool. In its revised version, it is more easily accessible, more concise and focused on providing support to the ongoing EUROPE2020MP activity.
  2. Policy workshops in which EUROPE2020MP members can have a straight debate with representatives of the EU institutions, external observers and experts.
  3. Questionnaires and surveys, to collect information on ongoing developments at the territorial level as well the EUROPE2020MP members' views on their involvement in the Lisbon process and on the policy's implementation best practises.
  4. Monitoring Reports addressed to the CoR, the other EU institutions and bodies, the local and regional authorities and the general public.
  5. Thematic initiatives (such as working groups, animation of exchanges on specific topics, specific use of questionnaires and surveys), focusing on priority and emerging EUROPE2020-related issues with a view to feed into the ongoing activity of the CoR Commissions. 
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