Events Overview 2012
2012​ ​

12 December. Brussels, Belgium

EUKN EGTC Launching Event: New pathways for collaboration and knowledge exchange on urban issues

10 December. Nancy, France

First European Seminar on Observation of Cross-border Territories
Organized by the MOT

​7 December. Bonifacio, France

Signing of the convention and the statutes of the EGTC Parc Marin International Bouches de Bonifacio

​3 December. Brussels, Belgium

III Conference on cooperation development on the Central European Transport Corridor. 'Alternative and cohesion'

With presence of the Committee of the Regions

​29 November. Brussels, Belgium

Meeting on the Alpine Macroregional Strategy: to reinforce regions at the heart of Europe to the benefit of the European Union

27-28 November. Regensburg, Germany

1st Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region

​23 November. Rijeka, Croatia

II Conference on cooperation development on the Central European Transport Corridor. 'Network-growth-profit'

15 November. Málaga, Spain

II European Conference on European Cooperation and Neighbourhood

22-23 October. Wrocław, Poland

I Conference on cooperation development on the Central European Transport Corridor. 'Ways to be developed'

9 October. Brussels, Belgium

OPEN DAYS: Workshop of the EGTC Platform – New Groupings, better performances. Code 09B10

The EGTC managing programmes and projects during the next programming
period. Opportunities and challenges in the future cohesion policy.

Followed by a joint networking event with the MOT - Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière

27 September. Oradea, Romania

International conference: "The cross-border cooperation: tools for a new dynamic"

Organised by the Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Municipality of Oradea, Initiatives France-Hongrie & the CESCI with the support of the DATAR

19-27 September. Brussels, Belgium

Exhibition 'Linea al limite' of the Euroregion Tirol-Trentino- Alto Adige

Committee of the Regions, Rue Belliard 101 5th floor

24 September. Budapest, Hungary

István Pálfi Memorial Day

21 September. All over Europe

European Cooperation Day

​7 September. Cracow, Poland

Project workshop 'Improving information for cross-border workers in European border regions'

Organized by the AEBR

10 - 11 July.

Santiago de Compostela, Spain, Guimarães, Portugal

2nd OPEN DAYS local event of the Euroregion Galicia - Norte de Portugal
'Corss-border cooperation as an opportunity for development in times of crisis'

With participation of the CoR

​10 July. Brussels, Belgium

Symposium 'The future of European Territorial Cooperation: Capacity Building in Cross-Border Territories'
Organised by the Land Baden-Würtenberg, the MOT, the AEBR and the Transfrontier Euro-Institut Network

With participation of the CoR

25-26 June. A Coruña, Spain

CECIN: 1st Congress on smart cooperation
'Territorial Cooperation fostering European integration: Cities
and Regions linking across borders'

With participation of the CoR

22 June. Athens, Greece.

General Assembly of the EGTC 'Amphictyony'

With participation of the CoR

​30 May. Morahálom, Hungary
Conference of the EGTC Bánát Triplex Confinium
With the participation of the CoR


​30 May. Innsbruck, Austria
Seminar about 'Multi-level governance in Transfrontier Co-operation'

Organized by the Congress of Regional and Local Authorities of the Council of Europe with participation of the CoR

​​18 April. Sevilla, Spain

1st European Conference on European Territorial Cooperation and Neighbourhood

Organized by the OCTA - Observatory of Cross-Border Cooperation of the Government of Andalucía​

​11 April. Brussels, Belgium

Public Hearing on the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation

Organized by the EPP Group of n the European Parliament with the  participation of the CoR

​29 March. Brussels, Belgium

The European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation - Ready to use.
Interinstitutional conference on EGTC

Annual meeting of the EGTC Platform of the Committee of the Regions

​27 March. Wroclaw, Poland

Kicck off conference - 'Strategy for Integrated Czech-Polish Cross-Border Cooperation'

​27-28 February. Lovasberény, Hungary

1st Annual meeting of the EGTC approval authorities

Organised by the Hungarian Ministry of Public Administration and Justice.


​23-24 February

Santiago de Compostela, Spain Guimarães, Portugal

"The creative industries keys for future: analysis and perspectives"

Organised by the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Galicia-Norte de Portugal (GNP-EGTC) in cooperation with the Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais (AGADIC) & Agencia para o Desenvolvimento das Indústrias Criativas (ADDICT), are organizing the International Conference

​15-16 February. Brussels, Belgium

Committee of the Regions. 94th Plenary session.

Adoption of the opinion CdR 371/2011 Proposal to amend the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on an European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (ECTC).

Rapporteur Mr Michel Delebarre (FR/PES), Chairman of the Commission COTER and Mayor of Dunkerque.

​31 January . Valencia, Spain

INTERACT Conference - EU Funds 2014/2020: Analysis and debate of the draft proposals by the European Commission - European Territorial Cooperation and its role in Cohesion Policy

Organized by INTERACT in cooperation with the Valencian Regional Government.

With participation of the CoR


​26 January. Brussels, Belgium

ECO section, European Economic and Social Committee . Study Group on the EGTC.

1st meeting of the Study Group of the section ECO on the European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation.

Rapporteur: Mr Pariza Castaños (ES/II)

​25 January. Brussels, Belgium

REGI Committee, European Parliament.

Joint debate about the cohesion policy package, including the revision of the EGTC Regulation. In presence of the European Commission.

Rapporteur Mr Joachim Zeller (DE/EPP)

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