Events Overview 2010
9-10 December 2010. Budapest, Hungary
Roundtable on 'The influence of supporting structures and EGTC on cross-border co-operation' in the conference 'Regional development through innovation in multilevel organized cross-border cooperation'.
Organised by the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice of Hungary, the CESCI, the MOT and the French-Hungarian Association.
16 November 2010. Brussels
Draft opinion on EGTC to be adopted by the Commission COTER of the Committee of the Regions
16 October 2010. Brussels.
Open Days Workshop 06B37. "EGTC – Towards the revision of the legislative framework".
13 July 2010. Brussels
Committee of the Regions, Room JDE 70, 14:30 - 17:00
The rapporteur Mr. Alberto Núñez Feijóo (ES/PPE) and his expert Mr. Manuel Blanco will meet with representatives of local and regional authorities, of associations and other stakeholders for a consultation and exchange of views on the CoR opinion "The review of the legislative framework of the EGTC Regulation".
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  • New Perspectives for the Revision of the EGTC Regulation
24 June 2010. Jaén, Spain
Working document on the EGTC opinion presented in COTER Commission


25-27 June, Valença do Minho, Portugal
"4h Meeting of the Portuguese ways of the Route of Santiago de Compostela" - Scientific conference about the "Portuguese ways" of the Route of Santiago. Organised by the EGTC Galicia - Norte de Portugal organises.
"The Conference will be an important factor to deepen the relations in the Euroregion Galicia - Norte Portugal and to foster the religious tourism", said Mr Jorge Mendes, President of the Municipal Chamber of Valença.  


21-22 June 20. Vigo, Spain

Seminar "Living in a cross-border area: costs and opportunities". Organised by the EGTC Galicia-Norte de Portugal. Languages: ES and PT.​


The conference will include workshops about cross-border health care, transports and communications, public administrations, and singular experiences of proximity.

3-4 June 2010. Trabanca, Alcañices & Puebla de Sanabria (Spain)
“The Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion: To an Europe of Equality”. Conferences co-organized by the EGTC Duero-Douro, in the framework of the Spanish Presidency, on the achievement of the social, economic and territorial cohesion in Europe.
6-7 May 2010. Esztergom, Hungary
Final Conference of the URBACT project "Expertising Governance for Transfrontier Conurbations"
Conclusions of the project and launch of the specialised network of the MOT on EGTC.​
3 May 2010. Cáceres, Spain
European Territorial Cooperation Group Summit - "European Territorial Cooperation: EGTCs and Cross-Border Cooperation"
A Joint Consultation on the added value of the EGTC and the EGTC legislation at the occasion of this Summit organised by the Spanish Presidency of the EU in cooperation with the Committee of the Regions.



25/26 February 2010. Budapest, Hungary

 2nd Conference on the EU Strategy for the Danube Region


The thematic workshop 4 "Institutional development and municipalities – euroregions and municipalities" will tackle the challenges and opportunities of cross-border co-operation

28 January 2010. Brussels
Eurométropoles et Eurorégions: Peut-on vraiment effacer les frontières?​